Document Storage and Management Services for Hospitals

Digitec offers document storage solutions for the Healthcare industry ensuring all patient information is treated with full confidentiality.


Medical Records Service, assist finding the patient history of examination. This Information is vital for all providers involved in a patient’s healthcare.

Managing Medical Records has been a challenge for all Healthcare providers given the sensitivity and importance of speed and instant access to Informationand their impact on human lives.

Digitec solutions enable Healthcare providers to meet the challenges faced due to growing number of paper based Information .

How It Helps You:

the nature of your Medical Records :

  • Active Patient’s history which needs to be constantly updated
  • Patient’s Medical Records which require frequent access
  • Laboratory and radiology Records which need suitable archiving methods

customized solutions include

  • Active Patient File Management
    1. Onsite Document Storage, File Storage and Management
    2. Document Scanning, Document Capture and Management
    3. Customized retrievals and re-file processes based on the type of records
  • Inactive Patient File Management
    1. Offsite Physical Document Storage
    2. Electronic Document archiving on-demand
    3. Electronic retrieval through customized search utilities
    4. Conversion of inactive Files to active Files
  • Secure, Confidential and Certified Shredding